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Why Do Healthcare Businesses Need Cyber Security Managed IT Solutions?

In the present era, digital technology has fully mingled with our everyday lives. We can’t even imagine our lives without the internet, mobile phones, computers, etc. They help us a lot in communication and simplify routine tasks. Whether it’s an IT sector, commercial business, or healthcare industry, technology plays a vital role in running their day-to-day operations. But with a lot of positive impacts, technology has also created entirely new problems to deal with. One of them is cybercrime.

Nowadays, businesses are facing cybersecurity threats from both strangers and in-house employees. Protecting the patient’s personal and medical data is vital for healthcare centers as per HIPAA compliance. As the number of patient data increases, security risks increase. Therefore, healthcare intuitions need to subscribe to cybersecurity managed IT support services to eliminate the threat before becoming a big problem. Although there are myriad cybersecurity services consultants, unfortunately, many of them lack the knowledge to combat healthcare centers’ specific needs. The expert IT technicians at IRIS Solutions understands the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. This helps us to create and implement effective and sophisticated cyber solutions for clinics and hospitals.

The main job of cybersecurity providers is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. They safeguard vital files and folders from unauthorized access, cloud threats, phishing attacks, employee error, and ransomware. Cybersecurity in hospitals not only improves the patient’s privacy but also reduces the risk of medical errors. Read on to know more benefits of cybersecurity managed IT solutions in the healthcare sector.

Benefits Of Implementing Cyber Security Managed IT Services In Your Clinic Or Hospital

Stolen Patient Information Can Be Costly

It is one of the biggest benefits of cybersecurity services. The number of theft of patient medical information is increasing day by day. Simultaneously, the government’s security standard is becoming more strict to protect the patient’s medical and personal data. Different countries have passed different Acts and compliance to safeguard the sensitive medical data of patient’s health data from being disclosed. One of such security standards is HIPPA. The violence of HIPAA compliance can put you in great difficulty. Cybersecurity consultants are fully aware of HIPAA compliance. They can handle the HIPAA compliance requirements of your clinic or hospital efficiently.

Cyber-Security Saves Your Million Dollars

As stated above, the HIPAA regulation is meant for the safety and security of patient’s information, and its breach can be very costly for healthcare institutions. On breaking per HIPPA rule, you may have to pay 100,000 dollars, which is a huge amount. MSP (managed service provider) prevents you from a heavy fine. Also, managed security services are inexpensive than hiring in-house staff to monitor the network and safeguarding the data. No travel allowance, no health benefits, and no other basic employee benefits; you just have to pay monthly subscription charges to the managed service provider.

Decreased Medical Errors

Electronic healthcare records play a vital role in transforming the healthcare industry. It’s nothing but just an electronic version of a patient’s medical-card and contains all information about their medical history and present health condition. This has improved patient care by reducing medical errors. However, it’s of no worth without having high-level digital security. Hence, it is vital to subscribe to cyber-security managed IT support services to secure EHRs and prevent medical errors.

Improved Patient Care

Hiring third-party vendors for cybersecurity for hospitals not only ensures safer treatment but also makes it faster. According to the research, around 72% of healthcare workers experience work delays due to network issues and data loss. Cyber-Security services provided by IRIS Solutions can solve your problem. We provide you with reliable and fast-cybersecurity tools that help to prevent your hospital’s data from every type of cyber and malware attacks. Not just that, we save all your data on the cloud by using advanced encryption standards. So, if a hacker somehow accesses the data, they cannot read or modify it.

Safer Use Of Medical Equipments

Connecting technology has become a buzzword in the healthcare industry. In modern hospitals, every piece of equipment and device is connected with EHR, which improves communication and enables fast and efficient operations. It increases the number of endpoints and security risks as well. Hospitals should seek the help of managed cybersecurity services to use these medical devices safely. Poor security measures give a chance for hackers to affect the functionality of medical devices. This may endanger the life of the patient.

Wrapping Up :

The healthcare industry deals with sensitive patient records. Therefore, it’s vital for them to have a strong cybersecurity mechanism. IRIS Solutions provides elite and nonpareil cybersecurity services to hospitals and clinics of all sizes.

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