Whatever your company’s technology problems, IRIS Cloud Solutions provides the answer.


We use cutting-edge cloud technology to optimize dental and healthcare clinics’ billing systems, patient data, and compliance protocols.

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Cloud for Business

IRIS delivers an array of cloud computing features and benefits that can transform companies in every professional industry.

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“High Touch” Cloud Integrations

Our “high touch” planning, deployment, and management techniques provide seamless systems integration to organizations of all sizes.

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Cloud Services ARE the Solution

Whether your IT infrastructure serves a dental, healthcare, or commercial business, IRIS’ Cloud solutions are customizable to suit your organization’s needs. For a low, fixed monthly fee, your users will enjoy communicating and collaborating on a secure platform that’s always available. And we’ll be there to help you plan, deploy, and manage it.

Abundant features

Improved productivity, stronger cybersecurity, and fewer costs, just from the cloud’s essential elements.

  • Servers: protected by state-of-the-art security devices
  • Data: backed up by redundant storage systems
  • Technical Support: available 24x7x365
  • Software: integration of all relevant applications
  • Compliance: observe all HIPAA regulations at all times
Bountiful benefits

What businesses really gain from the cloud services IRIS has to offer is optimization in all areas of their IT.

  • Regularly updated operating systems perform optimally
  • Properly stored data reduces the chance of downtime
  • Strict cybersecurity practices provide peace of mind
  • Fast, reliable networks allow users to stay productive
  • Dedicated account managers ensure quick resolutions
Practical solutions

The cloud is a simple question of wants and needs. If you want to do any of the following, you need the cloud.

  • Have a totally reliable backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Reduce IT costs and stop over-spending on hardware
  • Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to your systems
  • Focus on growing your organization, not fixing IT issues
  • Quit worrying about HIPAA and other compliance standards

Feeling constrained by IT costs and complexities?

Your business will thrive with IRIS Cloud Solutions